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Suddaby Construction Services

Suddaby Construction Services

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About Us

Renovation contractor, new home builder, Solar energy designer / installer. We have been working in the high end green homes sector since back in 2008. Our attention to detail is the defining character of SCS. Whether we are creating a new bathroom or a full home, or installing a Solar system, our attitude to quality remains the same. We design and build all of our projects to an above average finish level using robust materials. We create livable healthy spaces for our clients. We have eliminated the toxic chemicals which are present in many of todays building products IE flooring, paint, cabinets, carpets etc. There are myriad of health benefits associated with a non toxic indoor environment. We pass these benefits on to our clients and their families.
Solar energy systems can be designed into one of our new homes or renovations, or can be designed and installed on an existing home or business. We designed and installed one of the first grid tied system in BC back in 2009 and have continued to evolve with the technology over the years. Now more than ever Solar is an affordable option for businesses and homeowners alike to help reduce their dependance on the BC Hydro grid and lower their consumption costs. Re roofing is also available for those clients who have roofing shingles which are at the end of life. Our overall experience allow us to complete all major and minor tasks in the realm of residential or commercial construction.


Custom home
Bathroom in ski condo
Timber frame master bedroom / bath
Custom metal / walnut stairs
Media room
Solar PV demonstration  circa 2009
2KW grid tied system