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ProFound Talent Inc.

ProFound Talent Inc.

Human Resource Services

About Us

Talent is today’s most sought-after commodity and your organization’s most valuable asset. And the battle for brainpower is real. Secure the right talent, well-matched to your brand and culture, and you’ll realize positive and profound results. Entice the wrong people and the fallout can be disastrous. ProFound Talent understands just how critical it is to attract the right match when building your winning team.

We go to great lengths to find the best-suited candidates, perfectly paired to your brand values and what you stand for as an organization. You’ll benefit from our 25-plus years of experience working in Executive and Professional Recruitment. Seasoned experts we are, with a down-to-earth, authentic and relaxed approach. As a woman-led business committed to diversity, we’ll ensure you an inclusive and equitable hiring process free of prejudice, bias and discrimination. When you’re faced with tough Career Transitions, our sensitive, caring approach supports individuals as they shift into a better-fitting role.

We are your partner in growth, a trusted ally, in today’s inevitable tussle for top talent. We take the time to truly understand you, and target high performers ready to hit the ground running on the road to business success. Be assured it’s the right fit with our Power of One™ plan. With the right talent in place, our Executive & Leadership Coaching can take your talented team members to the next level of strategic leadership.

Let’s start attracting your next hidden gems.