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Lizzibear Hugs and Hair Care

Lizzibear Hugs and Hair Care

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About Us

Hello there! I'm Lizzibear, a passionate creator hailing from the breathtaking landscapes of British Columbia, Canada. Nestled in the heart of this natural wonderland, I run a thriving micro-business right from the cozy confines of my home.

My journey as a creative soul has led me to craft a range of specialized, handcrafted products that celebrate the essence of beauty and self-care. Among my proudest creations is the Lizzibear's Hair Care line – a collection of shampoo, conditioner, & body bars infused with luscious hair oils. These products not only nourish your locks but also contribute to a sustainable, eco-friendly beauty routine.
But that's not all; I also weave warmth and affection into every stitch of Lizzibear Hugs scarves. These cozy creations are like a warm embrace on a chilly day, designed to bring comfort and joy to your life.
As a silversmith & lapidary artist, I bring gemstones and precious metals to life, crafting exquisite pieces of jewelry that are more than adornments – they're expressions of your unique beauty and personality. From pendants that capture the essence of nature to rings that sparkle with elegance, my jewelry is designed to resonate with your soul.

In my personal life, I'm blessed with a loving family, including a wonderful marriage & 2 precious children. They are my biggest supporters and a constant source of inspiration.
I see boundless possibilities for my micro-business. I'm excited to watch it grow and evolve, bringing more beauty & happiness into the lives of those who appreciate craftsmanship, love, and dedication that go into e


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