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City of Maple Ridge Rolling Out New Seasonal Patio Program

City of Maple Ridge Rolling Out New Seasonal Patio Program

City of Maple Ridge Rolling Out New Seasonal Patio Program

Building on the success of the temporary patio program introduced during the pandemic, the City of Maple Ridge is launching a new Seasonal Patio Program to further support businesses while adding to the vibrancy of the community.
Endorsed by Council on October 24, the new formalized program will ensure equal opportunity for businesses to partake in curbside, sidewalk, and parklet patios. The work will include standardizing patio options and addressing some of the challenges that have arisen from the temporary patio program, such as limiting parking and restricting road access. 

Curbside patios have become a fantastic addition to our community, bringing energy to our streets and encouraging economic benefits for local businesses,” said Tyler Westover, Director of Economic Development. “We’re taking what we have learned through the pandemic and some of the best practices that have emerged around B.C. and the country to develop a program that is consistent and equitable for all.”

Starting later this month, the City will begin working with businesses to remove existing temporary patios that were placed on the roadways during the pandemic. This will increase on-street parking to support retailers during the holiday season and provide the City with the opportunity to undertake any required road maintenance.

The City is emulating steps taken by other municipalities to develop guidelines that address design, safety, and accessibility, while still encouraging vibrancy in our neighbourhoods. The new program will support a number of options for businesses including sidewalk cafes, sidewalk patios, full sidewalk patios with boardwalk or a parklet patio.

“At the forefront of this work is the safety of patrons, balancing the different needs of our businesses and the seasonal impacts of weather and shopping activity leading up to the holiday season,” added Westover.

“We support the transition to a formalized patio program as it allows businesses to plan for their season and to keep patios looking well maintained in our community,” said Fiori Chaykowski, Executive Director of the Downton Maple Ridge Business Improvement Association. “The BIA appreciates the collaborative and conscientious approach taken in working towards this program and considers the needs of both the hospitality and other businesses we have in our beautiful downtown Maple Ridge.”

The Seasonal Curbside Patio Program will run from April 1 through to October 31, and only impacts businesses that wish to use public space on sidewalks and roadways to accommodate patios for their clients. Businesses can apply for a seasonal patio when the new program launches at the beginning of February 2024. City staff will work with applicants to assess and determine their specific application requirements. For temporary tables and chairs that have minimal pedestrian impacts, approvals can be instantaneous.

Businesses may also be able to also access funding to support their 2024 seasonal patios through the Downtown Maple Ridge BIA ‘Façade Improvement Program.’ Information can be found at Beautification & Revitalization - Downtown Maple Ridge Business Improvement Association.


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