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Be Ready for Winter Weather in Maple Ridge

Be Ready for Winter Weather in Maple Ridge

The City of Maple Ridge is ready for winter weather and is reminding residents to be prepared for when the snow falls.
The City’s snow response fleet includes 15 vehicles equipped with plows, salt and sanding gear that are ready to go when needed. The City monitors the weather forecasts daily to determine when brining is required to address frost and ice buildup. In the event of a snow event in the forecast, the work starts ahead of the snowfall with the application of salt brine on key roads and intersections to reduce ice build up when the snow does start.
New Snow Plow Tracker Map
New this year the City has developed a ‘Snow Plow Tracker’ map that pulls data from the GPS system on vehicles to monitor fleet deployment during a snow event. Residents can go to to view the online map see where the fleet vehicles are working as the snow event is happening.
“We are excited to launch the new Snow Plow Tracker this winter. Our team members, your neighbours, are out there working around the City to keep the roads clear during these major snow events,” said Walter Oleschak, Director of Engineering and Operations. “This map allows you to see how we are deployed on the priority routes in real time.”
He continued, “The City’s Engineering Operations team are prepared for 24/7 operations to keep our roads open in a long snow event. They have completed special training to operate our fleet vehicles and we’re ready for whatever Mother Nature throws at us.”
City Snow Response

Once the snow fall starts, crews will be removing snow from six priority routes throughout the community established using the following criteria:


  1. Access for first responders and to emergency service facilities.
  2. Main transit routes.
  3. High volume arterial roads.
  4. Roads and bridges that provide the only access to large neighbourhood centres.
The Priority route maps can be found on the City website at The City’s snow fleet stays on the priority routes while the snow is falling to keep these routes clear. Once the snow has stopped falling and these routes remain clear, the fleet will move to secondary routes.
The City has stockpiled 5000 tonnes of salt that is used to pre-treat the road network with a brine solution prior to a snow event to reduce the formation of ice on the surface of the road.
“During a snow event, we greatly appreciate people’s patience as our crew members get out there and tackle the snow,” said Kirk McLeod, Superintendent of Roads and Fleet. “Our staff live and work in the community and they are committed to keeping our roads safe for you, their neighbours. We ask you slow down and take caution on the roads and plan extra time to get to your destination on snow days.”

The City has a number of partners who are responsible for the following routes:
  • Lougheed Highway, from Mission through to Pitt Meadows, including the Haney Bypass, is maintained by Mainroad Group. The City is responsible for the section of Lougheed Highway from Kanaka Way through the downtown to the intersection at 222 Street.
  • Golden Ears Way and the Golden Ears Bridge is maintained by Miller Capilano Highway Services
  • School sidewalks and parking lots are maintained by School District 42.
Clearing Sidewalks in a Snow Event
When it snows, the City reminds residents and businesses that they are required to remove snow and ice from sidewalks bordering their property by 10:00 a.m. after a snowfall. Residents and businesses who do not clear sidewalks can face a fine of up to $300 per incident. If you know of a neighbour with physical challenges, shovel their sidewalk when you do your own.
During a snow event, City staff will be deployed to clear the sidewalks around key civic facilities. As staffing resources become available, staff are assigned to other City owned lands and pathways. As with the road network, resources are prioritized to the highest use facilities.
The City provides the following tips:

Before the snow arrives:
  • Make sure you have a snow shovel and other snow removal equipment (e.g. salt).
  • Winterize your vehicle and ensure you have good winter tires.
  • Prepare your home and have an emergency plan in place.
  • Help neighbours and family members who need support make their preparations and have on hand any specialty items.
When it snows:
  • When shoveling snow, pile it on your property – not on the sidewalk or street.
  • Clear snow and ice away from fire hydrants.
  • Drive only when necessary, and only in a vehicle with good winter tires.
  • Avoid parking on the street, as parked vehicles hamper snow plows.
  • Report any fallen trees blocking traffic, potholes to the City Operations Centre at 604-463-9581
For more information visit to access information on the City’s priority clearing route maps and tips on how you and your family can prepare for a weather emergency.